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Bought a camera for my Amscope and immediately found uses for it

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I bought the 16mp camera for my AmScope trinocular microscope, and I have to say, it's fantastic.

While it is a luxury, I do post a lot of photos, and holding a loupe to my phone is less than ideal, and the ability to get close up video will be fun for the Accutron repairs I've been doing.

Additionally, I bought the calibration slide to go with it, and the software lets me measure things to within a fraction of a mm. For example, trying to find the diameter and width of a flat case gasket when I don't have the original.

It's just super cool and thought I'd share.



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What kind of software comes with that? I bought one and downloaded the software based on the model number but am not very savvy on making videos or taking pictures with it and am not sure if it is me, the software, the camera or a combination of all of the above.

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