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Ball 1604b

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The Yolk is longer then it needs to be and extends into a hole in the plate. the Z shaped thing is held back by a spring.  I'm thinking I'm missing something between the yolk and the Z shaped stop.  Maybe the z thing had a pin in it that was moved by the yolk and has broken off?  What is the Z shaped part called?  Am I missing a part?




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The various methods used over the years by manufacturers to stop the movement for hacking are very interesting. This one puts a brake on the sweep seconds wheel directly, rather than the balance. Based on information from the NAWCC forum regarding the Ball hacking version of the 1604, the stopping lever that hits the sweep second wheel when hacked is present in your watch as well as the spring that acts on it, although the spring isn't placed correctly against the outside surface of the lever. If putting things right with the spring causes the watch to be stopped no matter if the stem is pulled or not, then you may be missing the other needed part, which is "An arm underneath the crown wheel [that] is attached to the lever and to an indent in the sliding pinion".


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Update. I was able to modify a second clutch lever  and put it on the other side of the clutch.  The stop bar has a broken .40mm pin in it. Removed the old pin now I just need to find a replacement pin long enough to be engaged by the second clutch lever.

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