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Two-pack glue hack


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So the other week I bought a second hand stereo Microscope from facebook market and found out it didn't have the 48mm thread required to fit a barlow lens to it.

I'm a little bugger I didn't want to miss-out on this I thought long and hard about how I was going to fix this. at first I thought about just gluing the barlow the the microscope lets face it I only paid £25.00 so what was the harm of doing this, but them I realized what would happen if I needed a different barlow lens so thinking hard and looking at youtube some bloke hacked a led light adapter by placing it in a drill and while spinning the adapter grinding the inner part to fit his object lens. this looked really terrible and his thread was the wrong way around (male) so he also had to buy a another adapter too add a female thread to his microscope.


so thinking about this I came up with the idea to just glue a camera filter to the underside of the object lens SORTED works a treat and I now have a fixed 48 mm thread to my object lens happy chap and it only cost me £2.00 for a filter of the bay. 


If anyone needs a filter to convert there stereo microscope like mine I have a spare skylight filter you can have I bought a spare one just incase I glued it in place by placing it under my lens and then move the scope down until it trapped the filter and barlow lens while the glue went off (I left it over night) I placed glue all the way around the inside of the filter 



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2 hours ago, spectre6000 said:

How does it work? Did you do anything to ensure that the Barlow lens is whatever intended distance from the next lens up the chain, or is that not a critical dimension?

It's not critical and the barlow lens is only about 2 mm from it's intended distance. 

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