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Hey gang,

Just bought a Borel stand for my Peerless lathe and realized I'm not 100% sure I can use it.  Has anyone personally mounted a Peerless lathe on a Borel stand?  I assumed the post on the lathe would just screw off allowing me to bolt the lathe to the new stand.  Does the post on a Peerless lathe come off? It looks like one piece to me.


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It's been a couple decades since messing with a Peerless (which I'm not too fond of) or a Borel stand (which I HATE), but I'm pretty sure if you grip that threaded shaft with some good vice grips you'll get it out. Most U.S. make lathes (or any other for that matter) the foot is a separate part. From the pic it looks like this one was chromed with the foot in place?


Once the shaft is out, just figure out the thread and find a bolt that will replace it on the Borel base. Should be inch, like 7/16" or so.

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