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Made a soundproofing box for timing watches and pocket watches. I will be able to pick in the box and simply place it in the various positions.  Used faux leather for the lining, after I took out the OEM conformed stuff. Then I glued in patches of the leather to reform the empty box. Then I took some foam from one of my big pelican type cases and formed an opening in the middle with an area for a pocket watch pendant. Then more faux leather over the bottom foam. And finally foam on the top. Should be a very quiet box. If not I will redo the foam with acoustic foam:)

Used an old invicta box as they close tight and their made of hard plastic .







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    • By Mark
      Just uploaded a new video. this one concentrating on correcting beat error.

    • By Mark
      I have just posted a new vid on YouTube. This one takes last weeks video a bit further and shows the basic operation of a Timegrapher timing machine.

    • By cdjswiss
      I am continuing with my restoration of early IWC Cal. 64 and Cal 64T watch movements. Even after cleaning and oiling the timing is often out by more than the index lever can accomodate. Today the movement was running slow, however, the timing screws on the balance were each 3 turns unscrewed. This provided me with the necessary adjustment to increase the beat rate. But it can be a fiddly job, particularly for my unsteady hands. Here is my solution - a small clamp to hold the balance while I turn the screws with a 0.5 mm Horotec driver
      The base is milled out of Delrin (Nylon), the finger clamp is from copper-beryllium shim with a thin leather lining on the balance side. The screw-down piece is made from a from a pocket watch stem and crown.
      Here it is under the x20 binocular microscope with perfect vision and access to the timing screws.

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    • They are the same and interchangeable 
    • You can download and extract all the elements as jpegs. Thats what I did when I realized that flashplayer was going away. I imagine there will eventually be some 3rd party application that will run these old flahplayer files. I have several other 7750 tech guides that I use. If you want them pm me. 
    • I have a file on my computer where I store service sheets when I come across them. Do you think it's worth scraping the ETA site? Cousins?
    • Hi, Looking at the Bestfits catalogue, it seems it is a LAPANOUSE movement. Which one, it’s hard to say as atleast 2 of them are very similar on Pages 155 and 156.       The Ligne size is 13’’’ -13.5’’’ when measured on my movement.  Upper plate and bottom plate sizes have a 0.5 ligne difference.    The catalogue has some 13’’’ ligne listed but the parts don’t match.   However,  the two which do match are ligne sizes 10.5 and 12 respectively. I guess as Joe and yourself suggested and to move this forward, it’s easier to measure the mainspring’s H x W x L and then see what’s available on Cousins. Thanks for all your help guys. 🙂 Regards, Yasser.  
    • @watchweasol, Dr. Ranfft's site is a great reference. Have you used the advanced search feature to identify movements? And Cousins is great resource for documents. I should have been more specific in my request. I'm looking for the assembly document. I know it exists because I found a link to it on the AWCI site, but membership is required to retrieve it. Alas, I'm not a member. It's a Tissot document; therefore, AWCI had to get it from somewhere. Thank you for your suggestions, Doug  
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