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Need help with this ETA 2784



I have disassemble/reassemble the keyless like 20 times, the date position works fine, the changing hour position works fine, but the winding position doesn't work, it make horrible sound and it's like it winds for a second and turns freely the next second and it unwind eventually just after a few seconds.

I thought it could be the main spring but I've replace the barrel spring completely from another 2784 I have and the problem is still there.

And it stops....and I have to push the balance wheel to make it start, check at 0:27 sec on the video.

Any idea on where could be the problem?


EDIT: I realized the ratchet wheel has some missing teeth....could that be the problem?




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Watch is running fine but it still stops randomly, then I have to make to the second wheel and it starts again.

I guess the second pinion wheel must be bent as I had trouble fitting the second hand before this happened.

So I guess I have to remove the train bridge to check for the second wheel pinion, that's the thing I was trying to avoid.

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