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Found 4 results

  1. I got the watch in this picture in a buyout in which I got dozens of watches. I decided to take a look at it because of it's unusual name, "Robot". I am not familiar with this make but it has an A. Schild 1382 N movement. Now this movement is very interesting and because of it, its surprising to find it in this watch. It has a power reserve indicating device which is not used in this watch. It is possible it is not the original movement, though. But I think it was. Would welcome any information. The automatic works were shot so I went out on Ebay and for a few bucks found an A. Schild movement with the same automatic works and replaced the parts in my watch. I was a little more tricky than that because I had to re-staff a wheel and replace a brass bushing with a jewel (the parts movement was 21j). Also had to repair the set works which were corroded in the Robot watch. Watch works now and keeps good time so I'm happy. It's now an 18j watch whereas before it was 17j. So, an incidental question I have is whether this is now a "frankenwatch"? I wouldn't sell it because it's not worth selling as I could never get back the labor I put into it. But for future reference, do modifications like replacing brass or plate bushings with jewels make a watch so different from the original as to classify it as a frankenwatch?
  2. I have a nice old Elgin 7j (Model 291) pocket watch which I've just resurrected. It's running a little fast and possibly the reason is that upper bushing for the escape wheel is a little bit egged. I'm going to have to replace it. The question is how? Should I find a jewel which fits and make a setting? Or should I make a brass bushing. I say brass because the original bushing is just the plate itself and so is plated brass. The lower bushing looks fine. Should it be replaced too? Any suggestions?
  3. Hello! Is it even possible? I believe it is friction fit. Thank you!
  4. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial--written or video--on removing and replacing rubbed in jewels. I've tried it on my own with a makeshift tool but am not too satisfied with the result. Although I can get the replacement jewel in, the result is not very pretty. Maybe there's a tool for doing this job?
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