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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All, Since my last post about an Omega and a Seiko, I have fallen deeper and deeper into the buying vintage watches and cleaning the putting-back-together hole. So I picked up this guy from one of the auction sites for about $10 I stripped everything down, cleaned everything, and tried to put it all back together. Seems everything went well I am however stuck at the calendar wheel and spring. Seems the last guy that came in here lost the spring and made one of those guitar string type spring. I know that it works as I tested it before I took things apart. Only thing is it does not sit flush and its a juggling affair to get the spring to sit pushing on the calendar lever sitting just so the date wheel without flying into space. Then only I can put this plate on. As far as I can tell, the plate is what is holding this precarious spring lever date wheel sandwich all in its place. I can take it apart, I am amazed at the previous guy to get it all in just so. Can I get any advice on how I can get this done? The options I looked at are 01. Place the spring and lever, have the lever away from the spring, put the plate on, and try to slide the date wheel in. *** Nope does not work that way 02. Try to have the date wheel a little away, place the lever away from the spring and try to adjust after one of the screws are placed. *** Nope The spring does not like to stay in place 03. Have not tried this but I am thinking of super gluing or somehow fixing the spring down. Screw the plate on and then shove the lever into place *** What do you think? 04. Track down the actual spring and get either a donor movement or part. *** seems like an expensive way to repair something that was about $10 05. Black out all the dates and call it a design and also call it a day *** translation Giving up. I would really appreciate the opportunity to learn how the last guy actually did it.
  2. Just cleaned an Omega 564. Tried the quickset feature before replacing the dial but the date ring doesn't move far enough for the jumper to clear the next tooth. The ring looks fine and (unfortunately) this wasn't the initial problem with the watch (Stem fell out). Guidance? Tips on what common mistakes can be made in this area? Thanks
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