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Need help with cannon pinion and stem removal

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I'm working on a Waldan and have one step to go with disassembly and need some advice with some issues. First, the cannon pinion slipped right off, no resistance at all. I read that ETA movements can be attached to a wheel,  which mine is, but it doesn't look like the same kind of wheel with two bars. Am I supposed to take off the wheel, and if so how?


Second, I can't remove the stem. The setting lever screw is loose, but I still can't remove the stem and I don't want to yank on it. Of course, the setting lever is problematic for removal. Also, the screw above the clutch wheel, shown, won't budge. I think it holds the center wheel bridge, but not sure. I tried oil, but no luck. Thanks for your help.

cannon pinion.jpg

keyless works.jpg

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I was working with this movement just today... The center wheel doesn't come off.  The technical docs show the main plate comes with the wheel attached, and there is no part number for it. Mine had a normal canon pinion over it, it was not attached to a wheel.

As for the stem... try removing the setting lever screw all the way and removing the setting lever.  The stem should retract then.

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This is Riskopf type movement, complitelly different from what considered as 'normal' movements. They don't have center wheels at all. What You see there in the center is actually the center seconds wheel, and if removed, the movement will be able to work normally without it. The cannon pinion here does not have 'clutch function' for hands setting and it should go on it's post without resistance. The 'clutch' that alows hands setting is located on the main spring barrel.

No reason to have dificulties with stem removal. Untighten the setting lever screw more, and if needed - press on it's head to make the setting lever move down in order to release the stem.

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Thanks for your advice. I got the setting lever screw off just by twisting more. I won't try to remove the pin that holds the "cannon" pinion. The keyless works bridge screw is frozen solid. It may have rusted inside. I'll clean and reassemble from here. Yes, this Roskopf movement is a strange movement, or different. It's good to know the name. Here's an interesting history. https://www.timewornwatches.co.uk/guides/roskopf-movements/

Waldan has a fascinating history as well. He made some unusual watches.

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