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I was just working on the click a bit more and it actually popped out of the wheel when I pushed it from behind slightly, without any damage.  I was not comfortable taking the old click out to make a new one as I wasn't certain how pressed/flared the end was. But this just solved that problem for me.

Is there any particular type of steel you use for this click?  It does seem soft.







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Well, such clicks are usually soft. Soft - not like anealed steel, but like a carbon steel that has been hardened and then tempered to grey color, e.g. to 500 degr. celsius. Or, You can use as a material some bolt or something of the sort, that is made from construction steel, wuthout termal treatment.

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Progress has been made on this.  New Click, fusee works now.

I do have a question about the alignment adjustments from Neven.  I dont quite understand the process, I understand that adjustment 1 is for pulling or pushing the verge escape forward and back.  But if you go too much the pivots will pull out of their holes.

Im not quite sure of the other adjustments (2 and 3).  For example the "crown wheel axial free play" I assume means the free play of the crown wheel staff?

In the attached pics, the balance pivot is not deep enough past the escape and isnt aligned to the escape. 

I am not sure which adjustment will drop the balance pivot (or raise the escape).

I think I understand that the flat portion of the balance needs to rest on the top of the escape point.   

Of course my terminology is probably way off.

I have also added a hand drawing of how I think it should be. 

Any advice on the pics attached.






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    • I have never understood how a square can be produced on a lathe, seen plenty of videos but not sure how it works. How do you make the huck on the arbor?
    • personally from my point of view I would say no. This is where more than just an evaluation on one side is needed somebody needs to take the watch apart and see what else is bad. Like it's possible the pivots for those wheels are missing which we really can't see in the picture right now. Then that does appear to be rather heavy rust on the balance bridge and I wonder where else were going to find that rust? just a little clarification here are you new to working on an Omega 1010 watches or are you new to working on watches altogether? The reason I need the clarification is that if you're new to watches and even if this watch came to you for free repairing it is going to be extremely expensive as Omega watches tend to be very expensive for spare parts. you never can tell about watch companies what part numbers we can find.of course the biggest problem of all is this is Omega watch part of Swatch group and Swatch group doesn't like us so they're not going to sell you the spare parts unless you have a swatch account. then if you have to find aftermarket Omega parts because they know that nobody can get those parts that tend to be really expensive is why repairing Omega watches is going to be very expensive. According to the parts list found at the link below there were some jewels available I'm not sure if they're the right one because I haven't quite figured out which jewels those are yet. I'm also attaching a PDF of the parts list to help you identify whatever it is you're going to need it looks like some of the plates were once available although getting a new plates will be problematic it might actually be better to find a scrap watch to steel parts from.   http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=OME_1010       Omega 1010_complet_2236.pdf
    • You mean all that stuff about aliens and black helicopters isn't true?
    • Thanks yes it’s nice to make tools and equipment if we can , I needed a fixed steady for my Pultra I had one for a Pultra with 70mm centre  and I was going to cut it down to be able to use it on my P type ( 50mm centre) but it seemed a shame to butcher such a rare item so made one. Dell
    • Go and drill with 0.4, then finally turn the piece to size untill it fits the hole. Don't worry, if something happens, You can turn new arbor.
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