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Need advice on Elgin crystal.

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Hi All. I have this Elgin PW with a stunning face, but the crystal is loose. 

I have some newbee questions.

The crystal is in good shape, but it seems slightly undersized. I read somewhere that plastic crystals can shrink with age. True?

If so, I would like to replace it with glass or even sapphire (if that even exists for this type). I don't have many PWs and I do like to wear them occasionally, so scratch resistance would be a plus. Opinions?

Regardless, should these be press fit or glued in? I don't have a crystal press yet, but I can get one if needed. The setting seems to have some glue residue and I need to clean it out.



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depending upon how old the original plastic is it can do all kinds of things with time. Like a lot of the early plastic crystals are made out of cellulose nitrate and it produces nasty fumes and will rust the hands right off the dial. the later crystals of course don't do that

if it's a plastic crystal I prefer it to be pressure fit. Not necessarily press fit but pressure fit this is where you put the plastic crystal in your crystal press ill hold it by the outer edge near the outer edge on one side you press on the inside and the crystal itself will bow in word you put the bezel first before you do this so basically the crystal shrinks and you push the bezel down and then when you release the crystal is held nice and tight so it's not pressed in because usually the or sometimes the bezels are slightly tapered the hold the plastic crystals that way suppressing isn't what you want to do

I don't know where you'd get a sapphire crystal from that would be the right shape and size I don't think they may come normally for pocket watches.

Here's a place that has glass crystals they should have which you want







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