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Timor WWW 'Dirty Dozen' Cal 6060

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Hey All,

I have been (unsuccesfully) trying to get some documentation/information on my Timor WWW. I picked it up a while ago and saw already that the movememnt retianing screws are missing, I want to replace the crystal and new mainspring...plus whatever else I find along the way. I'm early on in my journey of watch tinkering and so looking for any documentation that can help me orde rthe correct parts (not sure what size the missing screws should be for example). 

Does anyone have any info on this movement or can point me in the right direction? I tried some reddit forums without success and Mark kindly pointed me to this group so hoping it's a better place to seek advice!

Many Thanks!

timor crop.jpg

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The base movement is noted by one source to be in the same grouping as the Schild 1203, so that could be a place to start. Modifications may be present for the military spec watch, but basic components such as the mainspring are likely carried over. Crystals are often best sorted out by directly measuring the case opening and evaluating the hand heights.

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