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New Tool for Cleaning Balance Complete

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When you've got the balance on the small tack, it seems like the complete balance and tack assemble would fit into a pretty tiny jar.  Which could then be filled up to the level of the balance.  It would be bigger than the attractive brass bucket you made, but smaller than a boat.

Then put a tight lid on the jar so the lighter fluid doesn't evaporate.

I don't have a balance tack, so my high and low tech solution is to put just the balance and tack onto the main plate, put it into a tiny ~1" ziplock bag (I re-purpose the ones small parts arrive in), add the solvent, and then put that into the ultrasonic cleaner.

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Dear all,

Can't remember where I read it. But someone suggested, that you don't treat old blue steel balance springs in the ultra sonic bath. The material is so brittle it may crack. The same goes for blue mainsprings. Makes sense to me. Apart from that - great tool Richard.

Cheers from Hamburg


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