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  1. There is a Orient movement too, HFA00, but it's even less common than the Y182B. The 7T42B will also fit and work fine too, but it's less common than the 7T32B. Physically, many other Seiko movements, 7T52, 7T34, etc. are the same size and shape. But the hands and date are different, so they wouldn't make sense with your dial. So how frakenwatch do you want to go? I think ANY 7Txx movement can fit in the case. The part that matters is getting a spacer ring that fits the movement to the case's diameter. But this is just a plastic ring and one you have could probably be easily mod
  2. Depending on your ability with computers, there is free software that should be able to do everything you might want from a timegrapher, https://github.com/vacaboja/tg I found the microphone from my phone earbuds works quite well.
  3. It's like an incabloc. The bushing is meant to be able to pivot and shift, hence the spherical outer shape. The felt is like a spring to keep it centered and not rattle as much. The bushing is not supposed to rotate with the motor shaft with the felt acting like it's the bushing. It would wear too fast and get too hot and have too much friction.
  4. @spectre6000, sounds like he has the same kind of AmScope stand I have. It's more expensive than the single boom and non-boom stands, but I think it's worth it. @Tudor, I do exactly as you describe, and move the scope out of the way when I don't want to use it. The boom rotates freely, unless you lock it with a knob. There is another locking ring under the boom on the vertical shaft that controls height. The boom slides back and forth on a linear bearing too. The head has multiple degrees of freedom, for tilt, rotation, additional height, etc. Changing the objective lenses is someth
  5. Glad it was an easy fix. I'd guess a working 7T42-6A00 would sell for $50-$100 on ebay. Even broken ones approach $50.
  6. There happens to be a working 7T42-6A0B on ebay right now. I think this is even the same case and bezel style as the 6A00. These came a number of different color schemes and band styles, all with the same case number (i.e. 7T42-6A00), so this one might look more or less exactly like yours. The ending value of the auction would also give you an idea of how much your watch is worth. If your circuit board is toast then one would start with buying something like that watch above to get a working 7T42 board and movement. But as I read your original post again, it sounds like the only t
  7. Alarm hands could be something wrong with the crown 2 position sensor and C button sensor. Check for corrosion on the circuit board and that the crown position tab is touching the circuit board properly for the position it's in. The pads on the edge of the board that sense the pushers and crown can also break off. It could also just be the improper operation that is expected to happen when installing a new battery. You're supposed to reset the watch with the "AC" pad. I've not seen the alarm hands spin after a battery change, but I don't think there's really any defined limit as to wh
  8. I purchased an Amscope zoom stereo microscope: model SM-4B. If you watch, they have sales regularly, I got it for $351 for a Labor Day sale. It's been great. The nice stand costs more, but it's really convenient to be able to move it around and rotate it out of the way and then back. It's also nice to be able to adjust the view from straight down to at an angle easily. You can look straight down jewel holes or see a screwdriver in a screw without being obscured by your hand. The zoom head has 0.7x - 4.5x magnification, and seems to be the same basic design as most zoom stereo microsc
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