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Omega C.342 service


Hello, everyone! I have come into the ownership of an Omega Cal.342 and need to service it; The pawl-bearing assembly needs replaced and the balance wheel (I think) needs replaced too. The problem is the balance wheel, though, because this is the first watch I have worked on at these high of stakes and I am nervous about damaging it when taking it out. Furthermore, I am having trouble placing the main support plate back on all of the movment wheels. Do you have any tips or pointers on ensuring every staff/stem is properly lined up to replace the plate? 

Thanks for the help


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If you have cleaned the movement, then the pallet fork should not be installed at this point. Install it after all of the train wheels are in.
With the watch in a movement holder, carefully place all of the train wheels in their proper order and in their jewel holes. Then place the upper plate over the wheels gently and as close to level as you can. At this point you could use a piece of peg wood to apply gentle pressure to the top plate and turn the center wheel to watch for all train wheels to move smoothly. It really is a matter of learning the “touch” of acceptable pressure and nudging the wheels into their pivots. Comes with experience.
Once you have them in place, continue to hold the peg wood in place until you get the plate screws in. Then slowly tighten the plate screws, always checking that the wheels are still moving freely.

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