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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All, I need help getting this watches screen repaired or replaced. Preferably I would have it repaired.It was my fathers. If that is absolutely not possible across any resources anyone familiar with this can see, then I would ask for a similar screen replacement. My father committed suicide when I was a infant. He was wearing this watch at the time. I grew up in foster care. I didn't have a conventional child hood. I grew up in foster care. It was alright, there is some good people out there. I was in the U.S. Active Duty Army as a Combat Engineer; MOS 12B. I'm a veteran of the Iraq war. I served in Kirkuk and Baghdad 2009 & 2011, respectively. I'm not trying to tap that for sympathy, honestly. I'm tapping it in hopes brothers will take interest. This is one of the few family heirlooms from my father that family has. I would like to keep it in the family so my son has some heritage one day. Even if we took out the old outer display and just used the metal housing I would be happy. I have $200 negotiable amount to spend on having it repaired or tastefully adapted. I'm looking for honest help. Please advise. Thank you for your time, Reggie
  2. Hi All After being fascinated by wristwatches for years and really wanting to learn how to carry out minor repairs/services on manuals and automatics I decided this year to actually make a start. I have been following Marks brilliantly laid out videos and spent some time getting to know about each section of the movement before attempting anything. After reading what I could I set about following the steps and successfully got an old scrap movement apart without causing further damage, I hope. I wasn't intending to service it or repair it, as I do not yet have all of the oils and greases necessary to carry out a full service. I really just wanted to practice with my tools and learn how to put a movement back together. I kept a photo log of disassembly and managed to follow it backwards for reassembly. However, the movement I am using is such that the train of wheels sit sandwiched between the top and bottom plate and the pivots slot into pivot holes top and bottom (no jewels).I cannot for the life of me get them to rest in the correct position while replacing the top plate. Either the escape wheels jumps out of the pivot hole or all three just don't line up to allow correct fitting of the top plate. I am having a break from it tonight and wont give up but feel as though I have fallen at the first hurdle at the moment. Just wanted to share my experiences and hopefully in the future I will look back and laugh at my inexperience :-)
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