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  1. 50 watches and counting (80% Seiko) and I haven't even ventured into Yahoo Japan except via a friend for an OEM faceted crystal for my LordMatic. Well, I have dipped my toe in very recently after buying this one below in May, I have now been bitten by the bug and would like a 'few' more....
  2. it sounds as though you are commenting from experience ??
  3. 'Seikophiles' any recommendations for agents ? could be fun searching through Japanese listings.
  4. The idea of wearing a Feiko doesn't sit all that well with me so I will just use the movement to practice on as was the original plan and put the case / dial in the spare parts drawer. I appreciate all the comments though, ill be a bit more observant buying Seiko's online in the future, fortunately it was very cheap.
  5. Apologies for posting in the wrong section... but thank you for the info, I had a feeling that all was not right with it but in truth i really just wanted it for the movement. We live and learn.
  6. Hi Ladies & Gents I hope you are all well I picked myself up a Seiko 5 this week as a spares or repairs. It runs but stops intermittently and the plan was really just to use it as practice piece to strip down and fix up again. I am relatively new to the world of Seiko model and reference numbers but I wanted to check in here first to see if you guys could shed any light on why the dial and case back numbers don't appear to correspond as I have read that they sometimes don't. The dial numbers : 6319 - 495L R Case Serial Nr: 551053 Case Movement Number: 6309-7320 I plugged the numbers into a Seiko date finder and it came back with May 1985, if the watch is a mix match though it may not be accurate. I'm suspecting it might have had a dial change at some point. Any Thoughts ? Many Thanks Dave
  7. Many Thanks Charles I had lost a little interest in it after thinking that it wasn't worth working on. However, I did put it back together and the watch did wind up as I screwed the ratchet wheel back on and it did start ticking . So, I may start looking for the parts again. Many thanks for renewing my interest. Dave C
  8. Well that will teach me, It sounds as though I have bitten off more than I can chew, and not for the first time Its a shame, I was hoping to bring it back to life Perhaps I will just use it as practice, taking apart and putting it back together. Many Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone I hope you are all well. It has been 12 months or so since I last logged in, and shamefully about the same since I pulled out my box of old watches. I was browsing the 'Bay' as always and really liked the look of this Waltham Traveler. I picked it up for less than £10 and would like to use it as my first restoration project. I have undertaken minor repairs in the past but nothing like this, I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I need to find a key to see if it winds & runs, repair/service it and source the hands and a case, which is uncharted territory for me and I'm not sure how easily they are sized / sourced. Any help, advice or pointers that you guys may be useful to me will be greatly received Many thanks in advance Dave
  10. Thanks Stuart will give that a go tomorrow.
  11. Hi All After being fascinated by wristwatches for years and really wanting to learn how to carry out minor repairs/services on manuals and automatics I decided this year to actually make a start. I have been following Marks brilliantly laid out videos and spent some time getting to know about each section of the movement before attempting anything. After reading what I could I set about following the steps and successfully got an old scrap movement apart without causing further damage, I hope. I wasn't intending to service it or repair it, as I do not yet have all of the oils and greases necessary to carry out a full service. I really just wanted to practice with my tools and learn how to put a movement back together. I kept a photo log of disassembly and managed to follow it backwards for reassembly. However, the movement I am using is such that the train of wheels sit sandwiched between the top and bottom plate and the pivots slot into pivot holes top and bottom (no jewels).I cannot for the life of me get them to rest in the correct position while replacing the top plate. Either the escape wheels jumps out of the pivot hole or all three just don't line up to allow correct fitting of the top plate. I am having a break from it tonight and wont give up but feel as though I have fallen at the first hurdle at the moment. Just wanted to share my experiences and hopefully in the future I will look back and laugh at my inexperience :-)
  12. Welcome Enzo I am From the South West too, Plymouth, I have not been here long myself but it is a wealth of information and everyone is really helpful. Enjoy
  13. Yes, I removed the damaged set lever and then replaced the screw until such times as I can source the part. Only option I have so far is a donor movement on the 'Bay', and I am currently waiting for it too run its course.
  14. The Crown and Stem turned up today, Many Thanks David, very much appreciated. Like a child I took the part out and matched it up. It fitted perfectly. However, It would would not stay in place.. after taking the cover plate off and looking through the loupe I spotted why I believe it was missing its crown and stem in the first place, and perhaps something I should have noticed before (rookie) The Set Lever (pn:443) has been damaged and no longer retains the stem at all. So, I am looking for the part, once again. On a positive note the watch is ticking over and keeping good time :-) #
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