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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. Please could someone tell me where I can buy a case for a cartier tank 2441 watch. Case only. I couldn't find on Chrono24 or on eBay. Does anyone know of any other sites to find parts for watches? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone can help me, I have a Cartier Tank to restore for Mrs W Christmas gift, can anyone help me determine its age? Is there a way to tell from the serial number or...?
  3. Hi All, I just recently had my Cartier tank fully serviced as the main spring broke ( was running perfectly before the main spring broke and i dint know when the last service was done so I went ahead and did the full service anyways ). Main spring was replaced. Got the watch back from my watch maker and about 5 hours later it stopped working as it seemed like the main spring broke again. Took it back again, main spring replaced, watch ran for about an hour and stopped again, so I then went back and dropped it to my watch maker, fixed it and advised a screw or what not was not tightened and the spring was not released?. So I got the watch back and it ran for about 6 hours and stopped again. Main spring is still good. The watch was able to wind fully but still does not run. I opened it up myself and I can see the balance wheel does move freely. My question is, what seems to be the issue here? Why does it keep stopping? Ill be taking it back to my watch maker for the 4th time now.... Thank you in advance! 1980s Cartier Tank 925 Argent Manual Wind.
  4. I want to replace the six (6) tiny screws on the back of this Cartier quartz watch. Does anyone know where I can buy new ones at a modest price? I will change them when I change the battery. If anyone knows where I can buy a new seal at the same time then that would be a bonus! Ladies watch Cartier Quartz Must de Cartier 21 Red crocodile skin strap (Made in Austria CMK – Cartier KD40ZF02), silver and gold face with red numbering, blue hands, blue sapphire jewel winder Swiss Made Water Resistant 1340 PL 22051
  5. Hi, It's Paul here from Melbourne Australia. Just recently pulled out a box of watches that were in a cupboard - going to get them all working hopefully! I'm an absolute watch newbie! I like working on cars and so decided to have a go at fixing these watches (Youtube, internet and forums are a great help!) while in COVID-19 lockdown. I have replaced a battery in one Cartier and one Longines so far - both working now! I have a bright torch, magnifying glass and a very cheap set of jewellers screwdrivers. I was very careful with the Cartier as it had six tiny screws holding the back case on - my eyes aren't as good as they used to be!!! Anyway, hoping someone can help with a Cartier clasp (stainless steel and gold plate Must de Cartier 21) shown here in thumbnail. One half of the clasp holds securely (hole fits tightly over the post), the other half doesn't. I assume that over time, the hole on one side has been worn and is now too big to fit snugly over its corresponding post? What are my possible options here? Replace part/s of the bracelet? (Not sure where I can get new/used parts.) Build up the offending post or offending hole - use some JB-Weld? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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