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    • Hi gurus,  I'm working on an ETA 1164 triple calendar movement and the day disc does not line up well with its window, see picture. The jumper action seems fine and there are three jumpers for the date mechanism which are all identical.  Has anyone incurred such issues before with this movement? Is the only remedy to adjust the profile of the jumper? --  Best regards, Stian
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • Yes it does, but not enough to endanger the fitting of the pivot into the hole. Burnishing removes the faint marks left in the steel after turning/alteration due to wear or cutting a new pivot. It creates an extremely fine finish, like a mirror finish. It also helps in the rotation of the pivot, preventing it from binding in the hole. If you gauged before and after I don’t think it would change, providing the work has been carried out correctly.
    • Enicar had two type of caseback.. the bayonet type and a screw type. The giveaway is a little triangle around the edge of the caseback. I believe this was supposed to line up with a reference on the case.. or maybe the crown. Good job figuring it out, took me a while too! Anilv
    • I’m inclined to agree with what JohnR says. But I’d also like to add some of my own cynicism which is that I think that the snake oil manufacturers will sell you anything if they can see a gap in the market.  But, I can see why it makes sense to have something very slippery and less likely to be pushed away than a light synthetic oil. That possibly is more important for high beat movement where there is a greater velocity.  With regards to “which is best”, I don’t think anyone should offer any opinions unless they have revisited work they have completed over a span of several years. I’ve been using 9415 for several years, but I’m yet to investigate its effectiveness long term. 
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