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Question on Technical Guides

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I stumbled upon a really nice technical guide that actually shows the order that parts are reinstalled into the movement.  As a new comer to this hobby, this is a huge benefit to have.  See the PDF for the ETA movement below for what I mean and look on pp's 6 & 7 in the box where it says "Assembling ...."

Better Version_Hamilton 742_Dads_ORCO_Watch_936_ETA 963.111, 963.121.pdf

Now, with this Seiko technical guide, I don't see anything labeled as such.  Is there a way to read the drawing that will tell me the same thing?  Is it just follow the circled numbers?  I see in the legend on p 2 it says something like that, but just wanted to be certain.

Seiko(Seiko5)_7S26A 7S36A.pdf


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Typically in the Seiko guides. The numbers indicate the order of disassembly. Reverse the numbers for the assembly order. You may need to ad lib a bit. Sometimes the assembly order, while correct, is somewhat more difficult.



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