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That didn't go according to plan


There I was happily re-assembling my watch when the second hand got away from my poor gip with the tweezers & made like Elvis & left the building. I was unwisely holding onto the thickest portion of a subdial second hand, mainly to look at it in greater detail. So went for the larger portion of the hand so as not to cause any unnessary damage while I got to grips with the finer art of tweezering. So I need a replacement. I consulted the Cousins website for insperation & the Ronda drawings I have to see if anything 'Came to me'.. Oddly enough it did, the shaft that the second hand fits on has a diameter of 0.20 & the original hand was a resistance fit. So while just concentrating on the fitting of a replacement hand, do I go for a hand with a pipe smaller than the shaft & force it on, do I go for the same diameter & prey for a celestial occurrance or a larger diameter & cross my fingers it isn't too loose ?


My options as I seet it are: 0.18, 0.20 or 0.26mm What does experiance tell you ? 

My conversation with the UK service agent for the watch was uninspiring.... "You send it in & we'll fit you a new one mate, bout forty quid" ....."We ain't sellin' you no parts mate, it ain't wot we do" 

I know I'm going to have to decide on what design of hand to get / Replace all the small hands (Yawn) But I'm more concerned on what size toobe to request for the best fit as against is it made of the finest polished Unobtanium money can buy .... Finally a few drawings to peroose.... We all love a good drawing 




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