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  1. Fortune has shined on me, the errant second hand has re appeared & I have completed the job.
  2. Yeah living in Dover must be a fete worse than death
  3. Bit of a update from the Bergeon Guys: Exceptional measures Dear customers, suppliers and partners, Taking into account the evolution of the pandemic due to Covid-19 and in order to protect our collaborators as well as the fact that a majority of our customers and suppliers have decided to suspend their activities, we have taken the following decision, from Monday, March 30 and until Friday, April 10, 2020 in the first instance: Reduction in working hours for the majority of our employees We continue to strictly apply the hygiene rules of the OFSP within our premises and privileged teleworking for our employees We are suspending the reception and shipment of goods. This measure will be reassessed regularly. In order to be able to respond to your requests, the various sectors can be contacted via email info@bergeon.swiss or by the usual direct addresses. Our website www.bergeon.ch will provide you with all the useful information and our online store remains at your disposal. The gradual resumption of activities is scheduled for Monday, April 13, 2020. This date may be postponed depending on the development of the situation, the priority being to preserve the health of our employees and their families. Thank you for your understanding and in the meantime take care of yourself and your loved ones. With our Best regards, Bergeon SA The Management
  4. To be honest all my experience so far has been with relatively new analog quartz watches. Which I have found are extremely challenging...... The components are so small....
  5. Lighter fuel, great.... Ilike cost effective solutions
  6. I only have a 50ml bottle..... I'm going to look into getting some alternate chems soon.
  7. Ahh right, mini jam jars eh..... Now that's a great idea...... Many thanks
  8. There I was happily re-assembling my watch when the second hand got away from my poor gip with the tweezers & made like Elvis & left the building. I was unwisely holding onto the thickest portion of a subdial second hand, mainly to look at it in greater detail. So went for the larger portion of the hand so as not to cause any unnessary damage while I got to grips with the finer art of tweezering. So I need a replacement. I consulted the Cousins website for insperation & the Ronda drawings I have to see if anything 'Came to me'.. Oddly enough it did, the shaft that the second hand fits on has a diameter of 0.20 & the original hand was a resistance fit. So while just concentrating on the fitting of a replacement hand, do I go for a hand with a pipe smaller than the shaft & force it on, do I go for the same diameter & prey for a celestial occurrance or a larger diameter & cross my fingers it isn't too loose ? My options as I seet it are: 0.18, 0.20 or 0.26mm What does experiance tell you ? My conversation with the UK service agent for the watch was uninspiring.... "You send it in & we'll fit you a new one mate, bout forty quid" ....."We ain't sellin' you no parts mate, it ain't wot we do" I know I'm going to have to decide on what design of hand to get / Replace all the small hands (Yawn) But I'm more concerned on what size toobe to request for the best fit as against is it made of the finest polished Unobtanium money can buy .... Finally a few drawings to peroose.... We all love a good drawing
  9. Great, will give them a whirl, many thanks.... Meanwhile supplies have arrived
  10. Its a Wenger, they are quiet reticent to supply spares to mortals such as myself....
  11. Ahhhhh....... Umm the rubber does have some give left in it.... I think I may just grease it & leave it there... Shame, I was getting all keen... Thanks Chaps !
  12. Is this a rubber 'O' ring in here? Not too sure how to approach replacing this.... Or do I just hit it with my chequebook?
  13. The Bergeon version is a higher level of virus.... Only for Toffs!
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