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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there. I have acquired an assortment of new mainsprings, however, neither are in marked envelopes, they are just held in the plastic ring, some have a number like '80' on the plastic and others don't. So my question is how I identify these mainsprings? I have attached a phot to show how they have been delivered. Thanks in Advance. Bethan
  2. Hi All! i purchased a lot of watch parts and mainsprings from an estate. Is there anyway to identify parts, mainly mainsprings that have fallen out of packaging? I have them in various forms and some clock mainsprings? I don't or will not use them. i am attaching a photo of two. I have several of these and smaller ones that are probably for women's movements? I also have several stems and they are marked in a bag like 615 or a three digit number? thoughts or direction are always appreciated! Gary
  3. I recently had a 1962 vintage Longines cal 280 men's mechanical watch serviced. The mainspring was "tired" and the watchmaker ordered a replacement from his supplier. Upon receiving it, he noticed the end did not match the one he removed. He nonetheless installed it and advised me that the watch would require winding more often due to the spring slipping if it was tightened too much. The watch runs fine other than the more frequent winding required. I would like to locate an original mainspring if possible. I found on the ranfft website that the cal 280 movement has a mainspring with the dims 1.10 x 12 x 0.13. I assume 1.10 is the spring height and 0.13 the spring thickness, but am not sure if 12 is the spring length in inches or the barrel diameter in mm (the spring does appear to be about 12 inches long, though). On another website I found a diagram showing various spring ends, with one of the figures showing a "Longines T end." It was the only figure that had the word Longines associated with it. My question is: how would one go about locating the correct replacement mainspring for the Longines cal 280 movement? See attached photos which suggests the spring removed does not have a T end, but a thickened bridle (I think that is the correct term, anyway). Thanks from a watch amateur.
  4. Hi all, just received my Generale ressorts 2 catalogue from cousins £22.45 inc postage. Problem is I can't find a supplier that sells by GR codes, only by size. The spring I want is in the catalogue but not sold anywhere I can find in the sizes I quote. Has anyone got any ideas where I can get what I need? I live in the UK.
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