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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings from The Finnish School of Watchmaking in Espoo! I'm after a rotary tool with minimal run-out, to produce Anglage (chamfering / bevelling). Can anyone identify the tool in attached photo? This is screenshot from Youtube ''Visiting One Of Germany's Greatest & Most Overlooked Watch Brands'' timecode 9:47.
  2. Hi! My name is Fernando and I live in Venezuela, retired after working 34 years mostly in Finance for an international oil company. I was collecting watches during several years and realized that my next logical step should be doing my best learning watchmaking and in some degree been able to service some of my watches. I am very found of Omega and own several of them. I like vintage watches and lately have been buying movements for repair just to disassemble and... put it together (well, sometimes with frustrating results! ) Thanks for your time guys...
  3. Hello All, Greetings. This is Sid. I am from India. I am an Information tech. professional and an aspiring watchmaker. I am fascinated by mechanical watches and addicted to the science of precision (I am a complete beginner though and know nothing about machining yet) Two years ago in my wildest imagination, I saw myself making watches by hand and began a quest to seek right tools, right people and right places to bring my imagination to reality. When I recently visited this forum it felt right to be here so, I joined it yesterday. I am excited and hope to get to know you better. Cheers and Thanks
  4. Hi, I've asked a question before working out how to introduce myself. Anyway my interest in joining the forum stems from watching videos on YouTube and in particular the recent discovery of Marks Watch Repairs channel. They are phenomenal. My name is Anil and I'm a Civil Engineer by profession. I got back into wearing mechanical watches a couple of years ago - I went straight in at the deep end and bought myself a Rolex Daytona and admittedly knew very little about Rolexes let alone a Daytona. Its still by far the best Chronograph and the most comfortable watch bracelet I have in my collection. Of course my first schoolboy watch was a rather nice Timex with a dark dial and 'Made in Scotland'. It was a tough little beauty and got me through all the rough and tumble of my schooldays and well into higher education before parting with it, I really cannot recall what and where it disappeared. I do however recall wearing it with a real Zebra skin strap which I thought was the coolest straps ever. Anyway introductions over, I'm here at this forum to learn something new (hopefully everyday) about anything to do with watches. Perhaps also to contribute too. Thanks
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