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Found 6 results

  1. I know Mark has one of these machines, I recently purchased one myself, and its in dire need of restoring. I have stripped it down, and wish to rewire it and replace the ageing motor speed switch with a modern alternative, so could really do with a wiring diagram if anyone has one?
  2. My great Aunt died a couple years back. She had had been married to a man that owned a jewelry store back in the early 80's. In her estate was a number of great treasures and even literal gems. After the estate sale not much was left, but I did end up with what Ive deduced to be a Vintage Elma watch parts cleaner. And that is about as much as I have been able to figure out. None of the searches I've performed on the internet have returned with the exact model that I have. Not even an image... Similar , yes. The same . no. .. I don't have a clue as to how to operate any watch parts cleaner, much less one with minimal text (german) to clue one in on function of switches and dials. So, I can't verify it is in working order. I did notice that the plug had a short in it so I replaced that, Plugged it in and a light above the switch lights up after being flipped, but again end of my road of investigation... So basically, I would really appreciate any information at all about this machine
  3. Are there any of you who use a Elma Junior cleaning machine? I need some technical information and possibly. pictures or video of a working machine!
  4. I've just changed my cleaning fluid in my Elma cleaner to the Elma WF Pro, I've done one movement, the fluid was clear but now it's gone blue. Does anyone know of this is normal? Or should I change it?
  5. I've just changed my cleaning fluid in my Elma cleaner to the Elma WF Pro, I've done one movement, the fluid was clear but now it's gone blue. Does anyone know of this is normal? Or should I change it?
  6. Hi Guys, I thought I'd post this up, so the information is here for people looking for a watch parts cleaner and can't find one. As both Elma and L&R are no longer making their "tried and true" parts cleaner (as shown on Mark's Video), many people like me have been very frustrated looked for a second-hand one in good working order ... well stop looking ... you can buy one new!! There is a company in India making a direct copy of the old Elma Super Elite Cleaner, right down to the shape of the jars!! Here's the link: http://www.sunrise-exports.com/watchtools/equipments_machinery.html The models are Janta 796 and 797A ***Australian Forum Members*** You can buy them in Australia direct from Labanda www.labanda.com.au E-mail: sales@labanda.com.au Brisbane: 07 3876 7481 Sydney: 02 8004 1626 Melbourne: 03 9038 8545 Perth: 08 6363 5517 I hope this is of some help to others like me who have been searching in vain to find a cleaner.
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