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Found 1 result

  1. BUYER BEWARE! I would like to make you aware of Esslinger BAD BUSSINES PRACTICE. As an amateur, I've used Esslinger for a short while and recommended them here until I've got Stung by their Bad and Wrong Way of Doing Business in my opinion. I've bought about 6 Miyota and a few other movements, tools and other items and after I've found one movement was bad and asked for a replacement, they refuse to either send me a replacement or refund my money (we are talking about $5 movement here, luckily not an expensive item), they claimed that more than 30 days have past and that this is their policy (this is the U.S. law for online sells), and it didn't help after I explained them that when I've bought so many movements it was because I wanted to save on shipments and more so, even though I have more watches that need movement replacements I just couldn't work on them all within 30 days nor suspected that any business who want to preserve a customer will stand behind a policy/law and refuse to give a client a replacement for a bad movement that they have sold me. Unfortunately for them, they have told me that they will not stand behind the bad product they have sold me, and this shows how arrogant and dumbs some companies can be. it is not the $5 but how rigid and callused people can be and not use their head when dealing with customers and not even try to preserve them. I have a neighbor who collects these watches and has at least 30 of them in various shapes and sizes and they have either inexpensive Miyota or Morika Tokei PC21A movements. Unfortunately many have battery damage due to the fact that she stores some of them and doesn't keep track of when the batteries need to be replaced nor realized that she needs to do so, or others have the oil just dried up. I will not buy the movements for these watches or others from Esslinger and they can enjoy my $5! I hope it's not against the posting policy since I just want to make our members aware of the bad practice, the same way when I've recommended them when I've thought they were good. if it's against the policy please remove the post.