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Hi peeps hope you are all well. Ive been after a nice set of vintage calipers for poising and truing as the ones i have  the elevator and indicator arm are missing. So put my bid in for a set that looked quite interesting and in good condition although a part missing but i could live with that. Unfortunately I've slipped up and didn't consider that the poising nibs were jewelled.  Which is great but the jewels are broken, one is intact but cracked the other has scattered completely. Looks llke someone has attempted truing a balance wheel on the wrong set of nibs. Just wondering if anyone knows if the jewels are replacable and if anyone has done this. The nib is replacable and unscrews leaving 3 parts, the nib with the jewel set in, a steel pin that pushes against the jewel from inside to accommodate a pivot and a spring to give force to the pin. TIA for any help. 




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