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Today's adventure: PUW 1464

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This was in my box-o-watches: Clinton 17J Automatic--PUW 1464

It had its own set of challenges...yet another shock jewel type...similar to incabloc but slightly different IMO.  I did not take pictures during the teardown, so I had to just rely on first principles to get it back together.  The standard wheel train was straightforward, but the auto wind mechanism took some head scratching.

The first challenge was removing the stem.  No evidence of rust or dried grease.  Just would not come out.  Finally I pried it out with tweezers.  No damage.  Later when putting it back in...it would not go.  I believe that it was a replacement stem that was just a few microns to big (diameter of the shaft).  Solution?  I put it on the lathe and turned it down ever slightly--BINGO!

Somebody on this forum taught me the "baggie" trick...saved my arse twice today.  Cannot live without it!

I did not take a full set of pictures, but here are a few.


2021-06-29 19_51_43-Photos.png

2021-06-29 19_52_09-Photos.png

2021-06-29 19_52_45-Photos.png

2021-06-29 19_52_29-P1010383.JPG ‎- Photos.png

2021-06-29 20_00_24-Photos.png

2021-06-29 20_00_07-Photos.png

2021-06-29 19_59_52-Photos.png

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