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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster I've recently picked up an old Brenray cleaning machine that I want to get back in action. It's actually working perfectly - the motor spins and the heater heats up. However, it's very dirty and the paint is peeling off. I'm going to do a full clean, paint strip and repaint. I've had a look at a few of the older posts on this, so have an idea where I'm heading (I didn't want to hijack one of them!). My main question regards the heating plate. There is a wired heating disc sandwiched between two heating square metal plates (iron I presume) with a bolt and nuts holding the three pieces together and securing it to the floor of the machine. As I said, the plate works and heats up, but the two plates, bolt and nuts are rusted solid. I sheared the end of the bolt off while trying to get the nut holding it to the floor off. A soak in deruster/wd40, replace the bolt, clean the plates and replace is one plan (please correct me if you think this might cause problems or damage the heating plate). The other is to get a replacement Elma heating pad which, at 80mm is about the same size. My question is this - will I need to get new metal (iron?) plates to reform the sandwich, or can that new plate go in on its own? Also, the motor is running well, but it is filthy. What is the best way to approach this - I'm utterly ignorant here, so any tips or advice will be very much appreciated! I'll post some pics as I go along if people want to follow the process! Thanks for reading! Mark
  2. I have just purchased an old Brenray watch cleaning machine. I have dismantled everything except the motor. I need to remove the basket holder but I don't know how this is attached. It has a grub screw which I have drilled out since the head was broken, however, the holder won't come off. Is the basket holder attached to the piece above, is it attached directly to the motor shaft or is the whole assembly attached to shaft? Any help with this would be appreciated.
  3. Hi All! I have made the acquaintance of a young chap from my town who has started dealing in watches, watch parts and watch repair equipment, as well as jewellery. He's working from home at the moment but plans opening a small shop later in the year. I came across him through the auction site whose name shall not be mentioned and contacted him, as he suggested that there was more to come by way of auction lots. I went to meet him and among other items for disposal are two watch cleaning machines. I have been offered a choice between the two, neither of which is expensive, but I thought I might run this past you all as so many of you obviously have experience with both options. These are: A Brenray three-pot machine. I don't know the model number but it's very similar to this - http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mKJexSEMCR-3npQsPqZzKJQ.jpg A Bandelin Sonorex R83 ultrasonic machine. I note that Mark uses a mechanical machine but all my requirements would probably be filled by the ultrasonic one, being only for my own hobby watch servicing needs. Please let me have your thoughts and experiences - I'd value ANY input. Currently my new friend has available a Bergeon Watchmakers Table virtually identical to the one in Geo's post - http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/841-workbench-height-solution/ (Go to post #13 from Blacklab) Thanks John
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