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    • Well, here are my screwdrivers.¬† The first picture is a Bergeon set my Dad gave me about 50 yrs ago.¬† The next set was in the watch bench I inherited.¬† The third set was partially inherited and supplemented with two new bergeon drivers.¬† The last pic shows large drivers (seldom used) which I inherited.¬† Most of these are Bergeon and I am quite fond of them.¬† The others are not, but still old and quite good. I do not understand the color codes, so have printed one for the second set below, so that I can put them in order after I have completed a job.¬† The first set remains in the box...archived as it were...cherished.
    • The time is NOW...follow your dream.
    • OK, this is a Free Zone so I am going to rant.¬† Just have to let off some steam. What triggered this rant?¬† Kodak PLA 3D Filament Here is the overarching them: Brands get pompous and think they can ride on their brand and market $hit. Kodak, in the day, a reliable brand and then (years ago) started selling crap...thinking the mindless public would buy it because of the name.¬† They are not alone...other brands have suffered the same fate.¬† Polaroid?¬† Actually Polaroid is a slightly different story.¬† They screwed themselves by failing to understand their business.¬† They thought they were in the "instant film" business when, in reality, they were in the "instant photo" business.¬† When digital came along, they clutched their cold dead hands around the film business and lost.¬† Then in a last gasp they started marketing digital products that were pretty much crap with their name on it.¬† I have personal experience here...because I tried to do a joint venture with Polaroid, IBM and CRUS to bring digital cameras to market.¬† Fail. Anyway...I bought some Kodak PLA and it is truly crap from hell. I feel better now.¬† BTW...Polylite PLA never fails
    • Thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to spending time here.
    • Very nice...I will watch for one myself.¬† Am willing to pay more than 404 to have a watch like this
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