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    How to clean watch parts and what solutions to use.


    Published on YouTube: 4th October 2013
    Video Owner: Watch Repair Channel
    Total Views: 135237
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    This video shows how I clean my watches once I have stripped them down to pieces. It also details which cleaning solutions I use.
    I purchase my solutions from Quadralene Ltd and Cousins UK.
    Discuss watch repair issues and learn more at 
    Watches restored and repaired by http://www.watchservices.co.uk
    Watch repairs and services in the UK...(Original Description Truncated to 500 Characters)

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    User Feedback

    Добрый день.
    Я всего лишь любитель и ремонт-это мое хобби. Очищает часовых механизмов белого газа
    оно не является маслом,с помощью кисти, палочки. Затем проведите поиск неисправностей через микроскоп и если что-то не вымылся. все абсолютно новое и чистое.
    С Уважением

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    You mention in the video that L&R cleaning solutions are also good.  There are about 3 of them... is there one which you would recommend?  I have two cleaners - one L&R manual (similar to the one you show in the video in terms of function) and the other is a Watchmaster Ultrasonic WT(?).  Does the fluid depend on whether you are using an ultrasonic cleaner or not?

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