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    Handmade Watch Screw from Homemade Thread Die Watchmaking


    Published on YouTube: 23rd January 2018
    Video Owner: Dean DK
    Total Views: 9879
    LIKES: 400 DISLIKES: 6

    Watchmaking Vlog Episode 13
    I make a tiny left handed thread screw from a threading die I made myself. This screw is to secure the crown wheel of my watch that I am making, using a ETA 6498 as a base movement. Getting to this stage was a mountain of failures, but I conquered it. Watchmaking definitely takes resilience, and I believe these are all adding up and building my resilience. 
    I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned, a lot more to come!
    You can get the tapping fluid I use here : h...(Original Description Truncated to 500 Characters)

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