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    Unitas 6497 Low Amplitude performance problem Seagull ST36 ST3600 Watch Repair Lesson


    Published on YouTube: 25th June 2017
    Video Owner: Watch Repair Channel
    Total Views: 48333
    LIKES: 855 DISLIKES: 16

    The first level of the course is now available (for those who do not yet know) at: https://goo.gl/kbZRSu
    When working with this movement for illustrating the lessons in my Watch Repair Course, I have perhaps stripped it down and re-assembled it some 5 or 10 times in the past month.
    The last time I did this was during the Live stream and once it was assembled the watch gave a very low amplitude. I did not show this in the stream as it was then past 10pm and I had dinner waiting for me, but when...(Original Description Truncated to 500 Characters)

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