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  • Recent Lesson Discussions

    • Mark that was a nice introduction to the calendar in a watch movement. I can remember back in the 70's and 80's Russian calendar movement were a nightmare, lots of tiny springs and the works always seamed to have too many working parts. I have always liked the Omega calendar so simple and few parts.   
    • This video opens the discussion of watch calendar mechanisms for level 4 of the Watch Repair Course
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    • I can't stress enough how good the workshops are. I highly recommend them. Plus you should get to meet some great people at the same time. This will encourage you no end. Iron sharpens iron.

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    • Mark, it’s great that your course is progressing into watch complications. Chronographs are watches that I’d definitely shy away from at the moment, one year into watchmaking. I can certainly concur with Old Hippy’s thoughts on that. However, I bravely tackled an automatic a few weeks ago, and as you say, most things are the same (once the autowinder is removed). Once I repaired and gained confidence, I’ve since successfully tackled another automatic (a rare ETA 2832).  I really appreciate the contents of these videos. People ask where I’ve learnt my current skills, and I tell them it’s thanks to this fantastic course that I’ve gained my skills and confidence. I joined the BHI back in March this year and my plan is to complete Mark’s course first, and yes doing the official course to gain the certificates of completion, and then either to spend a week at Upton Hall (less than an hour from me) to do the workshop course in watchmaking or do the distance learning option they offer to gain formal qualification. My motivations are still as a hobbyist but who knows where it may lead?
    • What a wonderful surprise! I was just thinking last night how great it would be if Mark's course could be extended and I woke up to an email invite to this video. I can't wait to dig in. I learned so much from the first three levels and enjoyed every minute. Thank you, Mark, for all that you do. Chris Bannister