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    The Watch Repair Course Development Stage and Premium Videos are now available to the wonderful Patrons or Watch Repair Talk Subscribers who have pledged to support the Watch Repair Channel and/or the Watch Repair Talk website.

    New lessons are being made available every Wednesday to Patrons or Subscribers who have pledged $10 or more per month. And if you Subscribe or Pledge $25/mth you can download the videos and keep them forever (for personal use only).

    Once a particular level of the Watch Repair Course has been fully developed, you will continue to have access to that course at anything up to 100% discount depending on how long you have been a subscriber or Patron, and you will be able to complete your assessment in order to gain the certificate of completion.

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  • Watch Repair Lessons Development Files

    As the course is being developed the Video files will be added here for viewing by our Subscribers and Patrons. After each level is fully developed then they will be transferred to the Learning Management System so that learners can complete the Level Assessment and gain a certificate of completion.

    LEVELS 1 & 2 are now complete. You can access them here. If you are a Patron or Subscriber then first go here.

      1. Watch Repair Course: Level 3

        This is level 3 of our watch repair course. This course is currently being developed and new lessons are being made available every week on Wednesday's. The course is divided up into modules and if you click on a module below you will be presented with the lessons associated with that module.