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Revisiting an old hobby

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4 hours ago, Tudor said:

Some Omega PloProf knock-offs perhaps? The splash of color would look cool I think.

I like that idea. I also discovered that EB8800 hands should fit the Ronda 1239-21 (the seconds may be a bit of a squeeze) so I might have some luck with that idea too.

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Hello from Scotland. I recently re-awakened an interest from my youth in watches and clocks. Strangely the catalyst was searching for a replacement hand for a Starrett  dial indicator that I pick

The pile of Slava automatic parts arrived, and I had a quick rummage through them last night. I started with that green pile of snot on the right, and after a lot of cleaning and a small amount o

Cheers Andy, my supposition has been proved right then. Almost certainly my brother's watch was bought there as my mother was bought up in the Caledonian Road area, just around the corner, in the

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On 9/30/2020 at 9:28 PM, AndyHull said:

I've been wearing one of my recent 404 club watches quite a lot recently. The Sekonda on the left in this picture. 


Well I think it is about time for another status report on the poor tortured Sekonda that I lubricated with a mix of horse lineament and infant lubricant(*).


Seventeen days in, and so far the wheels haven't fallen off the bus. In fact the experiment seems to be going surprisingly well. All of the other victims are also doing fine.

(*) Actually it is a 80%/20% mix of scent free hypoallergenic baby oil and finest saddlers neetsfoot oil, since these appear to be the principal ingredients in a certain well known commercial watch lubricant. As I previously suggested, this is probably not all that is in the genuine oil, nor do I advocate repeating this experiment, since there is no guarantee that I wont kill these fine pieces of Soviet engineering.

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I was at the art supply store recently (picking up a huge work mat and rolled paper sold for smearing pastels that works well for cleaning jewels n stuff for a lot less than “watch” supplies)

I saw purified linseed oil, purified almond oil, and others, used for preparing oil paints. And not terribly expensive. It got me thinking since I was about to drop a Hondo on teeny tiny vials of the finest oils extracted from the worlds deadliest snakes of Switzerland. 

SSO (Swiss Snake Oil) inbound...

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7 hours ago, KarlvonKoln said:

Interesting.  I'm following this thread. 



I'm not sure how exciting a bunch of time grapher results are, but for the record, here are this mornings readings.
Dial up and dial down. The positional variation is not too bad in the other positions.


From around -8 to +10 or so (possibly a little less if I actually give it a bit more time to settle).

The lowest amplitude is the 12 down position 255 degrees. Highest beat error is about 0.6  with 12 o'clock up and +10 s/d.

Not quite COSC, but not bad considering it has probably only been serviced once in its life, and that too by a lunatic with baby oil and saddle shine.

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Today's numbers are in (dial up and dial down shown), and things are still looking pretty good.

Over all, it appears to be about 3 seconds fast over the week. Bear in mind this doesn't mean the same as it being invariably accurate to less than a  second per day, as at different times of the day that number will drift up and down. Not by much though admittedly.

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image.thumb.png.c7b760f31f6236f9aff6d9b965cfa078.pngI confused myself with today's health check on the slippery Sekonda.

I was wondering .. why does it keep jumping about... then I realised the electric fan heater I had popped on to take the chill off the room was giving a loud click from the thermostat every so often, which the laptop was picking up and messing up the beat with.

When I switched off the heater, it went back to normal.  (facepalm)🤔

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So, it's great as long as you don't wear an electric heater on the same wrist.

I have some Snake Oil here I sell for use with tape decks and turntable main bearings. I've used it with good success on pocket watches but never tried it on a small movement...

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