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Can't find a watch case for ETA cal. 2804-2

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I've made up my mind to build a watch around the the ETA 2804-2 (28.800/Manual wind/Date complication). It's diameter is identical to the ETA 2824-2 (25.60 mm), but the height  of the 2804-2 is just 3.35 mm, that is 1.25 mm less than the 2824-2. I've been looking around but it seems very difficult (impossible?) to find watch cases designed for the ETA 2804-2, but there are plenty of cases to choose from for the 2824-2. So, I have two questions...

1. Where can I find watch cases designed for the ETA 2804-2, and if that isn't possible...?

2. Would a case designed for the 2824-2 work with the 2804-2? My guess is that it would, but that the case back would be unnecessarily thick?

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I have the exact same problem, I'd love to build a deck watch from the stellita version of 2804, but I just can't find cases anywhere. It fits in the automatic cases, but it defeats the purpose in my opinion of using that nice thinner movement when the case isn't thinner. I've thought about having one made, but Im terrible with design and a one off will be incredibly pricey.
Hopefully someone here will have some insight!!!!

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Ni  Vwatchie

26.5 mm dial diameter would be a boy size watch, which I got plenty of and do not recommend. Larger diameter Gent size is more valuable and better looking.

I think dial should be your first concern. Preferably one with feet fitting right on the movement.Best is a dial that came on the movement in the first place.retrofitting , feet welding are not prime options, Only last resort. The second point is winding  stem height, that however can be solved by slight shimming of the dial plate. 

Awaiting your feedback.

Regards joe.

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Oh sorry joe, my reading of your message was sloppy! I somehow thought you were asking about the diameter of the 2824-2  movement. Let me find a dial that I want to use and get back to you! Thanks!

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