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Stem/crown for this Fero Feldmann ladies watch - but WHAT exactly?


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Hello there watch fix fans. Here's (I hope) an interesting one for you.

I have this beautiful small ladies 'Fero Feldmann' Swiss-made watch - it came in a bag of "used and to be repaired" watches.

From what I can see, the mechanism seems in very good working order. Just a slight shake and it goes and goes. There is no strap, but that is not the issue here.

The problem is the stem and/or crown. As you can see, there is definitely no crown. But I am wondering about the stem.

The watch does have its case and edoes have, as you can see, a hole where the stem and/or crown will/should fit in.

There is something which appears to be some kind of part-stem at the 3 o'clock position.

Using tweezers I can pull it out and push it back in quite freely. A very small screw on top holds this "stem" in place. I think you can see, in ths second photo, how this "stem" attaches to the rest of the movement.

Clearly I need to attach a crown. BUT what about a stem? A stem extension? Or one of those crowns which has an extended stem-like attachment which should fix onto this current "stem" in this watch?

Yes, the watch face is somewhat scratched, and the minute hand is a little bent at the top. You may say it is not worth my while trying to get this fixed. But I just SO MUCH like this little watch and would LOVE to give it life again! It clearly IS still "alive" - though I'm not sure if it is a mechanical wind-up or an automatic. The latter of these seems to be the case - as I said earlier, a little shake and the mechanism goes and goes. PErhaps with a little oil (and lots of encouragement) it can be made good.

So my main question - what kind of stem/crown to attach and how to do it?




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The thing which you reffered to as, something which appears like....at 3 o,clock, is the remaing piece of broken stem, right next to it is a long screw going from the bottom plate to top plate, the long screw has small diameter. Unscrew that about a turn, try pulling out the broken stem, if it didn,t come out ,unscrew the long screw anoher fourth of turn, try to pull the broken piece of stem then. 

This long screw is holding the setting lever at the other end, under the dial. If you unscrew it more you may release the setting lever loose, a pain.


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