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Showing off. My new workshop setup

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Very nice. I’m just wondering why you have decided to have your work station at the end. Don’t you think it will restrict your elbowroom? No matter how big your workshop might be it will never be big enough. Plenty of power points I see, you can never hve to many. Keeping the ladder propped up outside, is that so you can get away from it all.:D

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I think the perspective of the pic makes it look tighter than it really is. Given the layout of the rest of the room, which has my office desk in etc, it seemed like the most logical choice at the time (I even went as far as building a CAD model of the layout first). I also gives a nice deliniation between clean and dirty areas, putting the lathe (small one) as far away from the assembly area as possible. I have 600mm from the centre of the cutout to the wall, so plenty of space for my elbows. Completely agree on the power points, I figured I'd stick as many in as possible.

To right about not enough space, I'm already planning the demolition of my prefab concrete garage to build a bigger one which will give me space for a surface grinder and a larger mill. I have a Centec 2A at the moment but would like a larger machine in the future!

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8 hours ago, Peterburke340 said:

Did you cut out the watchmakers bench yourself??

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Yes, its actually made from four spare floor boards, which are inch pine,  tounge and grove. I glued and pinned them, then fitted a 2x2 frame before going at it with the belt sander. Once it was mounte, I used a big compass, scribed the semi circle (using a bit of board tacked to the edge to give my centre), chopped it out with a jigsaw and routed the radius. I've basically been able to fit the whole place out with spare timber that came with the building (which arrived in kit form).

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      OK, here is another little horological teaser for you to get your heads around. I have this great OASIS lady's (?) B270 watch that I got in a set to be repaired. It actually only needed a battery and works great. However, the strap DEFINITELY needs replacing! AND here is my problem. I just CANNOT figure out HOW to get the spring bar out.
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    • Welcome, Franks enjoy the forum.
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