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Some past projects and keepers!

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Hi All,

Now, to start with I should say that my watch repaires are nowhere near the caliber (......see what i did there?) of some on this forum, but everyone started somehwhere right? 

Up until now I have been into costmetically restoring watches that run but have been somewhat unloved.  Out of that I have started getting into the mechanical side too, I'm currently building up a FL Twin Power movement (one that I did not take apart) using the age old "yep, that seems to fit there" and "hmm that doesn't look quite right" methods!  Some resources on this very forum have also been extremely useful.  I can get the odd dead watch re-started, but a full strip down, service and rebuild is where i would like to get to.

As i say mainly cosmetic work, the interest for me is taking something that looks completely unloved and turning into something that will be cherished.  My watches have been bought for birthday presents, wedding presents, something that's being bought specifically to hold onto and pass down to the next generation, and that's what it's all about for me.

Anyway, some examples for y'all :) 

Hamilton Self-Winding:



Stunning Louis Erard Triple Date:






Omega Geneve (never did try to sort that bottom lug out just in case):



Oris 15 Jewel:



Oris Super:



Roamer Popular:



Rotary 17 Jewel GP:



70s Seiko Auto:



Seiko SeaHorse:



Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven:






Old Timex:



Thought I'd leave it there as you're probably getting a bit bored :)  That's probably about 10% of the watches I've done over the past couple of years!! 

In terms of my own 'keepers', I don't actually have that many.  A couple below:

Tissot Seastar that I fell in love with the moment i put it on:


Oversized Tissot Antimagnetique, which i sold and then pretty much begged the buyer to sell back to me.  Which he did.....but failing to mention that hands were fused together.  So i wound it not realising, and it's now broken and slightly in bits :(


In the future I'd very much like to aquire a genuine military issued chronograph, that will be my significant investment watch i think.

Hope you like!


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Hi everyone!

Apologies, I've been a bit quite of late posting.  Thanks so much for the positive comments, really appreciate :) Someone asked about the dials, I've cleaned a few up in my time but I'm not a dial restorer by a long shot.  The Longines, I sourced a NOS dial and swapped it over and on the Oris, incredibly, that dial was lurking under the faded crystal!  Swapped the crystal and jobs a goodun.

Thought I'd make up for my absense with a few pics :)

1) Old Oris before and after pics:



2) Lovely little Zenith that came through recently


3) Avia 'Matic' automatic


4) STUNNING 9ct sold gold Tudor



I also decided to treat myself to a couple of new watches :/  It took me a while to figure it out, but Tissot are by far my favourite watch maker. There are more Tissot's out there that i like than any other maker i can think of/have come accross. I like their new stuff, i like their vintage stuff, they are generally affordable, but you can go really high end if you want/can. For those reasons they're definitely the one for me.

With that in mind:

Sublime Tissot Navigator choronoraph.  The Mrs would literally kill me to death if she knew how much this cost!!



Another Oversize (38mm) Tissot Antimagnetique, which goes really nicely with the one i already had (and must get around to getting repaired).


Onwards and upwards :)


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    • Ha, wow from the click I was 99.999% sure it was Unitas, but it's Pierce. Looks like a caliber 160/22, 16 ligne.
    • The only markings on the movement are the words Swiss Made, 15 Jewels and a small 5 under the balance arm. I don't currently have a very accurate caliper but I think it is 34.7mm rather than 36.4 as the Unitas 6497 movement wouldn't fit. Here is a picture of the dial side but I haven't seen any writing on it. I do not believe that the movement has ever been changed since it was made in around the 1930s.  
    • I have a nice little carriage clock in for service, very good shape, except for over 0.30mm sideshake of the barrel arbor in the barrel. Thought I would show how I bush these; it seems they often get overlooked or just skipped as they are a little more fussy than just bushing a plate. I measure everything up, then remove the boss in the barrel, and make a bushing that fits from the inside and is stepped, replacing the boss. This way it's captive, and doesn't require a big interference fit to get seated and stay. I turn up the bushing with a boring tool in the lathe, doing the outside as well (running in reverse of course), then do the barrel opening with the same tool. It's a pretty quick process once you have the moves down!    
    • Well the movement is Unitas, but they did make many many different calibers. What is the exact diameter of the movement, and can you get a pic of the dial side? Are there no markings near the balance cock or on the dial side? If not it will take some digging but you will probably find it on Ranfft's site.
    • I must admit I have never even clapped eyes on one like that, but my gut feeling is that you back off the key in the opposite direction to winding, and it will unscrew, then undo the knurled bolt, and pull on it, and *something* should slide out of something else. The chances that I am completely wrong however are around 50% EDIT: Wow.. Barographs are expensive when new.. https://www.metcheck.co.uk/collections/barographs . I'll need to keep an eye out for one, they look pretty interesting, similar to  clockwork seismograph recorders .   
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