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Mainspring Winders

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I've been scouring the internet for some mainspring winders that were in my price range and came across these little gems. Strangely enough, it was advertised in Polish and again in English which were both on eBay, but not listed as 'mainspring winders', they were listed as 'GB Federwinder' Maybe that's why they were still on sale. It appears too good to be true... Anyway, the English advert was £20 more than the Polish one, even the postage was more, needless to say, I bought the Polish version! ;) for what I think is a draw dropping price of £125 inc P&P for 18 mainspring winders! Right place at the right time, I suppose...

I actually managed to get a 9.5mm mainspring into an adjustable winder that technically only went up to 7 mm. Jeez... that was a struggle but it worked a treat. I'm getting a feeling that these winders are going to make my life a whole lot easier!

watch mainspring winders.jpg

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