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Well, it's Hurricane season again here on Oak Island  North Carolina & Florence is almost upon us. Oak Island is "Cape Fear"  we are under a mandatory evacuation because it will hit us Friday early Saturday. I have lived here for 25years & we have had some big tropical storms & 4 hurricanes. So this will be number five.

Only about half of the residents leave " we stay". So keep a good thought for us. 


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22 minutes ago, Geo said:

I'm listening to a report about it on the news just now and certainly don't envy you just now.  Hopefully number five doesn't give you too much grief Tim.

Thanks Geo ,    We will be OK, the wind is beginning to pick up.


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23 minutes ago, TimFitz said:

The storm is right on us now , the black "x " is where We are . Working on a Waltham 16s 23jewel Vanguard

Tim seems to be a die-hard watch repairer: Keeps on going ....... regardless what happens :biggrin: !!

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    • Thanks watchweasol. I've had another look and it says the following at the bottom of the dial: Great Britain "46562 10878" JerseyMo, the plucky little watch isn't done yet. The auto-winding is definitely working. I've been checking in on it periodically and giving it a shake. It's ticking away as it should and the date advances, even if it's running about 12-15 mins slow over roughly a 12 hour period. I've warmed to it for sure. The bean counters can't mark this one off their spreadsheet just yet. Hello again Poljot. Is the "sophisticated" click just a piece of bent metal engaging the teeth? I think I'll have to investigate further and report back, after I've cleaned the DNA and grime from around the case back before I open it!  
    • Good evening guys! So after work right behind watchmaking desk. I did exactly as I sad. Once I’ve put it together and tiny tweak, here is result from all mighty Weishi No 1000. Think I leave it that way. One more time thanks for all inputs. Cheers
    • I like to call that the "bean counter click".   cut cost and make sure these damn watches don't last forever 🙂
    • This friction fit, independently driven minute wheel is known to loosen and malfunction if removed/refitted too many times, much depends on how many times it has been removed in the past. Peening the outer end of the hole the minute arbour fits in, doesn't do much good either, so unless remval is neccessary I just leave it where it  is.  Check the shakes and tg reveals  if there most faults Regs Joe
    • There may be no removable bezel. Just pop out the crystal with a syringe. There is also a syringe tool made for that. 
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