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Seen here first: the new Witshi audio-optical, and PC analyzers

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The Witschi representatives in Hong Kong are really nice people, today I visited their booth at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock fair and they gladly showed my the first ever analyzer using optical data acquisition (as well acoustic), the Wisioscope S. The balance wheel movement is captured by a lens ans sendors, that works even the movement is in a plastic case. After processing it's displayed together with the audio in an "overlapped" format using different colors for the two channels.


In an another display mode (I suppose there are even more) the display shows frame-by-frame images from the high-speed camera for visual analysis, I suppose to diagnose issue like pallets depth, lift angle. The machine is hence able to accurately display the latter for any watch mov.t.


The apparatus is meant for manufacturer's R&D centers, and cost in excess of 10,000 CHF.

 The other new product is their PC-based timegrapher, called CronoMaster. Sorry, no pictures for this one, physically it consist of a nice multi-position mic with USB interface for a Windows PC or tablet. I haven't played much it but it looked nice enough. Full specs and screenshots on their websites. Cost is about 2,000 CHF. 


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