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AS 1187/94 Servicing

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35 minutes ago, SockMonkey72 said:


Excited to learn new things. Looking for disassembly help on an AS 1187/94 movement. Any assistance would be helpful.




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This might help, which is a download of that movement


Also, you might find this video helpful


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Hi there and welcome, I have no accress to you tube so I havn,t seen the page cousine link provides. In general

Keeping snapshots before disassembly at each stage. 

Device work area to keep flging parts on planet earth.

Check if balance pivots stay in jewels as you gently lift one side of the wheel with tweezer, also how well incabs hold the jewel inside it's housing.

Also, the functioning of  every movement part and the entire power train, release the m/s power before removing the fork... 
I,ll stay tuned with you providing you show the result tic on your wrist.


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