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Anyone know the manufacturer if this movement

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New to the forum, I am just starting my first go with trying to repair a mechanical watch that got water in it and then stopped. 

However, the watch is an old watch 70s I think and doesn't have a clear manufacturer indicated. 

Wonder if anyone can help with what type of movement this is in case I need to order parts.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer


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Hello Leelemon,

On this friendly forum before making a post for help or advice. We like new members to introduce themselves. Just say a little about what you do and about yourself.

We like that to go into the Introducing Yourself Here. This is the link.


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It looks remarkably like an st 96. When I embarked on this hobby a few years ago I purchased of a well known auction site what I thought was genuine Tissots Titoni Oris etc only to find that someone in this big wide world has purchased hundreds of these movements, stamped one of the bridges with Tissot Oris or whatever and then got a group of schoolchildren to repaint the dials. That is not to say that the st 96 is not a reliable unit. Its just that I learnt the hard way. Not everything is what it seems. Sellers are reluctant to show the movement.

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    • Just as a curiousity here is the tools recommended by ETA the bearing tool and some others..
    • Thanks all but the price of the Horotec tool is a bit prohibitive... I have managed to free it with a very sharp piece of peg wood in one of the cut outs and push it round..The bearing is OK its just that the balance needs some work and you cant remove it with the rotor in place.
    • To remove the beaing you need a special tool but just to remove the rotor you just take of the three screws holding the automatic mechanism, turn it around and unscrew three small screws on the underside and the rotor gets loose.. Could take a couple of shots for you if you wish..
    • Blimey, I see what you mean. What you've got there would appear to be two French-made Framelac pin-levers, a movement maker about which very little seems to be recorded. I've attached an image from the Uhrforum.de of the jewelled-lever FR 304 for comparison of the bridge configuration (similar) and the shape of the balance cock (identical). 
    • Strange. And the setting lever is turned the right way up? Can't see on the picture. 
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