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The "Screw-peg" ®

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Hello All;

Surely "invented" before, but I've never seen it.....  therefor I call it the "Screw-peg" ®

Struggling to get a 70-years old NOS ladies movement to run properly, I had some serious pegging of very small jewels to do, including the very small balance pivot jewels. (if curious, read https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/9705-servicing-laco-503-501/)

My experiences with these tiny holes are that if you get the tip of peg-wood in the jewel-bore, it brakes off easily. Next to that, once you got the peg-wood in, while rotating, your fingers slide & rotate down. Once the fingers are to the end of the peg-wood, and some more pegging is required, you either have to pull the wood and try it again or; try, with the peg-wood still in the bore, to get your fingers back on top of the peg-wood ........ with a very high probability that the peg-wood tip brakes off; left behind stuck in the jewel :unsure:

Something had to be thought of ........ ; I had a box full of toothpicks which were 1.6mm in diameter. One of my screwdrivers took 1.6mm steel tips. I removed the steel tip, cut one end of the toothpick off and inserted the toothpick in the screwdriver-handle. It's a nice press fit. The toothpick-tip can be sharpened multiple times by either a knife or dressing it on a diamond stone.

Now, with the peg-wood tip in the jewel, you can rotate as long as you deem required. I also found to have very high control over steadiness, angle, rotation and applied pressure.


It works for me like a treat ! :jig:

Of course the ® isn't :biggrin:


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@Jon; My initial idea for a name was "screw the peg". And just in case, hiding behind the fact that English is not my native language ..... but later I wasn't so sure ...... hence the name "screw-peg" ®. Perhaps I'll claim the name and add: ©

"Screw-peg" ®©

I'll hope that it works well for your guys too !! :jig:

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