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balance stops swinging at certain angles

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hi everyone,

today I was working on a watch (the movement was eb8810) and after I was happy with the result I put the movement under a. glass, come back to it 2-3 hours later, still ticking so I put it back in the watch case and after about 15 seconds it stoped ticking as I started to move it around I don't know where to go from here wether or not it needs re-oiling or a new part in the balance operation, this is not the first watch I have experienced this in and didn't end up doing anything with the other watch.

thanks in advance, 


p.s I am looking for an eb8800 movement in working condition so message me if you have one

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Hi  You have always the possibility of a bent pivot or cracked/chipped jewel loose shock chaton , jewel which only causes problems when the watch is face up/face down .  tech sheet attached.

By the way we do like new members to introduce them selves, thank you.       cheers

2849_EB 8800etc (1).pdf

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    • By HardTop
      Good day to you all.
      I'm deciding to ask for help because I really can't manage it by myself.
      For the life of me I cannot understand how to set the balance assembly back into position after having replaced a broken escape wheel.
      I'm working on a Lanco/Tissot 782-1 movement, I had already removed/replaced the balance before and I haven't had any issue.
      Now I just can't seem to get the balance oscillation working. The wheel seems to stick or isn't turning freely. I have spare parts and checked 2 or 3 different balances, I checked the staff & its pivot which are not broken, the roller jewel isn't broken either, the balance pivot hole is not clogged nor does it seem widened, and the pallet is in working order (I checked the escapement by arming the mainspring a couple of clicks then manually oscillating the pallet with a wood pick, everything runs perfectly).
      So it seems the rest of the movement is okay, the issue lies with how to place the balance back into position. I checked lots of tutorials & videos, Mark's included and I'm always quite astonished when I see how watchmakers and repairmen handle  the balance, even if the hairspring is fragile even professionals seem to handle that part somewhat roughly. I take the greatest care when manipulating that part (and others) but no matter how I set the wheel&pivot back, the movement doesn't seem to run.
      Is there something I'm missing? Should the pallet be positioned specifically when replacing the balance? Should the roller jewel be placed in a specific setting versus the pallet fork as well? Everytime I tried before those things didn't seem to make a difference, so I'm really wondering what's wrong here, considering I tried several balances with different plates and different pallets, I can't understand where the issue is.
      I guess my question is: as tutorials don't usually give out many details about how to lay a balance back down into the plate, what should I take into account and what are the exact right steps to perform to ensure the balance will run smoothly ?
      Thanks for your help, I'm getting desperate here :-/
      Laurent AKA HardTop
    • By JayK
      Hello Everyone,
      I recently bought myself a cheap repair kit and I successfully changed the battery on this watch that was dormant in a drawer for about 4 years!
      However, the problem is I haven't done something right as the day sub dial is ticking away same as the second hand sub dial!, I'm sure it isn't meant to do that.
      I'm obviously putting it back together incorrectly and also the two little white plastic cogs you can see in the pics, I can't remember where they go?! If someone please can talk me through the process it would be massively appreciated or any pointers, advice would be great. Thank you

    • By Domovoy
      Hi everyone, was super delighted to see how responsive this community is... I am resolving the 1st issue with my Slava watch and now I am confident I can get some help with my Molnya 3602
      -I took it apart and noticed the balance spring is a little uneven and does not go back and forth... I took the bridge off (one screw) took out the balance wheel and spring attached but did not see anything wrong, out it back and the same issue pessimists.
      I need help understanding if the balance wheel is properly installed and / or needs replacement to get the mechanism to function.
      checked all other parts and main spring is good. Would help if I can also find the front crystal/glass and an authentic face. 

    • By oldboy
      I am considering selling leather watch straps, but I have a question before I blindly go ahead and produce a bunch of them.
      I am wondering if anybody who has worked in the industry for a while can tell me what the most common sizes are of strap pins or lug widths?
      I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    • As long as you remove all of the other steel component so you only have the plate then you can use alum mixed in water and that will dissolve out the screw. If you're in a rush you can warm up the solution It will dissolve it out faster.
    • A vintage brass cased miniature carriage clock having porcelain panels to the sides decorated wit     https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/east-bristol-auctions/catalogue-id-sreas10398/lot-6126c898-7b2a-464a-947e-abc800e4f0e7?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link       Отправлено с моего SpacePhone через Tapatalk      
    • More informative of what? Normally my watch bench at home would have a sheet of plastic covering the entire bench. That's because I don't work on it a lot and it's amazing how much dust is floating around. Then typically because I don't use it that much I would just lift up the plastic work on a little section put the plastic down. But last time I took the plastic off that was a big mistake it's amazing how much dust exists in the universe. Then there was the boss at work he had some silly idea that I should take all my watches home and work on them there. So the space to the right normally would have all sorts of stuff piled in a nice un-organized pile along with the witschi timing machine for quartz watches which of all had to relocate someplace else. Now this gives me a staging area for the work watches. Normally I like a very very clean bench. The picture is not a clean bench in my mind at all but it's a lot cleaner than it was. Then there was a minor rearrangement of stuff in the very back. That so the Chinese 1000 machine now has a home. It can sit next to the witschi timing machine. Then for those paying attention in the far corner is a paper tape timing machine Conveniently hiding under its plastic cover at least it doesn't have dust. Then even if the bench was clean it still not quite right in that I'm missing my power supply for working on quartz watches. That had to relocate the work because they didn't have a suitable power supply for working on Electric watches.So that man's a lot of miscellaneous tools that should be at work or sitting in the living room. But for the most part none of them would've been on top of the bench I really do like a super clean bench unlike this one. So now I need to finish a few projects on top and then think about whatever is it's lurking to the right of me that I'm trying to not pay attention to.  
    • Bergeon tool must be nice to have, penetrating oil before any physical approach helps. Alum disloves the screw and wont hurt the base metal.
    • Ideally the best would be to have a cleaning machine with ultrasonic Build in. Then you just put the watch in the basket to put in the machine you push the button and it beeps at you to come and get it. As I'm using little wire baskets with lids that I have a wire attached to the basket so I have something to hold onto. The wire itself has a benefit of any of the bigger parts are on the wire so they're out in the open everything Chinese in the baskets. Then when I'm playing with moving the fluids around I just lay the baskets on a paper towel. It worked fine at home I'm not into production. Although this reminds me of a very long time ago working in a shop that had an ancient three jar manual cleaning machine. So we put the parts into the metal baskets which went in a beaker in the ultrasonic machine. Then when it came out it would go into the ancient machine and its spin it off and then you go into the rinse. Kind of the best of both worlds  
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