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balance stops swinging at certain angles



hi everyone,

today I was working on a watch (the movement was eb8810) and after I was happy with the result I put the movement under a. glass, come back to it 2-3 hours later, still ticking so I put it back in the watch case and after about 15 seconds it stoped ticking as I started to move it around I don't know where to go from here wether or not it needs re-oiling or a new part in the balance operation, this is not the first watch I have experienced this in and didn't end up doing anything with the other watch.

thanks in advance, 


p.s I am looking for an eb8800 movement in working condition so message me if you have one

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Hi  You have always the possibility of a bent pivot or cracked/chipped jewel loose shock chaton , jewel which only causes problems when the watch is face up/face down .  tech sheet attached.

By the way we do like new members to introduce them selves, thank you.       cheers

2849_EB 8800etc (1).pdf

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