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    • I finally got around to getting the NH36 movement and changed out the day wheel. When I put on the dial and was turning the crown to establish the 12 o'clock position to install the hands, I noticed that no matter how much I turned the crown, it would not change over. Did I screw up something? I was turning clockwise like my other 7S26 Seiko. 
    • Thanks everyone, food for thought and I’ve learned some by reading your posts. More research needed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • The Spiedel wasn't really doing it for me, so I popped it on a plain leather band, somewhere between rosewood and burgundy.  Much more appropriate I think, and a sight more comfortable I might add. I was almost tempted to post it in "Watch of Today" again, since I'm still wearing it. Not a single issue so far, and hovering somewhere less than +20s/day aver the last couple of days. 
    • I figured it out. I totally overlooked that this particular 974 has the little blue locking screw to lock it in the winding position when out of the case which explains why the hands wouldn't move. I didn't have it locked which kept it in the setting position when out of the case and thus not having enough power to turn the hands....I'm an idiot
    • I think this is possible if there is very low friction to the cannon pinion. The balance and the trainwheels run but the cannon pinion and all following wheels and the hands do not as one of these parts is stuck somehow.    I would try and analyze step by step. Take of dial, hands, hour wheel and intermediate wheel, put the minute hand on the cannon pinion and observe. If the minute hand does not stop at 12.05 take the next step and add the intermediate wheel and observe. After that add the hour wheel and so on until you find the step where the error occurs.  
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