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Agat 4282 progress report


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So here goes, apologies in advance for wrong teminology. 

Iv'e learnt that three out of the four stopwatches I have are broken because the very ends of the balance staff are broken off either at one end or both ends, and one watch was not working because of a damaged main spring, although i havent sighted the mainspring in this one its just an assumpion because i can wind it forever. 


I managed to strip and clean all the parts in a small cheap ultrasonic cleaner i bought from amazon with just a soloution of fairy liquid and tap water as my cleaning agent. 

So i have a balance that seems to work from the broken mainspring watch and i put everything back together using all the best bits from each stopwatch, and added a little oil to the jewels and success, the watch now beats.



However only when i hold it a certain way. Its stopping when held face up.

And its accuracy is pretty poor.


I am now tempted to buy a new balance assembly as i have tried putting the hair spring and wheel onto one of the other bridges just incase it was because of a misaligned or damaged jewel and it is still the same symptoms. I think i saw new ones on the cousins uk website if anybody could tell me if a new one would come as the whole assy of spring, wheel, bridge. Or just spring and wheel or what?

I did manage to break one of the small levers that holds a wheel that operates levers for stop start reset but I used one of another watch i think it might have been rusted in place or bent slightly anyway.

15352925135675289547008007203728.thumb.jpg.011c0a8448539f8863321d49f04ce9c4.jpgI also managed to pop out a main spring from its barrel which was very annoying


So my questions are;

What can be done to improve accuracy?

What can be done to stop it stopping when face up?

Should I get a new balance assembly?

Thanks in advance...

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